Yarnbox | June 2015 | Essence of Me

Yarnbox | Unboxing June 2015

It’s about that time…. I got my Yarnbox Classic and Yarnbox Socks boxes (try to say that fast…LOL). Let’s get to the unboxing! Are you a Yarnbox subscriber? If so, tell us about your yarn. 🙂

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Crafting VLOG - June 2015

Crafting VLOG: Permission to Fail

  I’m trying out a new video style. I guess we can call it that… Let me know what you think. I’m mixing crafting and a little inspiration. But for today I want you to consider what’s holding you back… Permission to Fail (Can’t see the video. Please visit the blog.) Valued blog readers…Please read this message. I am trying …

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Sew New | Quilting Supplies Haul | Essence of Me

Sew New: Quilting Supplies Haul, Fabric, Books and Notions

I told you all about my Summer Satisfaction crafting goals. Well I need some supplies to get going. It’s time for a mini-haul…okay it is not mini… Sigh… I’ll get it together. For now, press play… :o) Quilting Supplies Haul (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.) Items Mentioned The Quilting Bible (3rd Edition): The Complete Photo Guide to …

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My Crafting Room | Essence of Me

My Crafting Room: A Quick Tour

I have a dedicated crafting space. Yay!!!!! I have some work to do on it but for now I’m a happy camper and THRILLED to get this baby up and going. (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.)

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Summer Satisfaction | Essence of Me

Summer Satisfaction: My Summer Crafting Goals

  I seem to like series posts. What about you? I like to see the beginning, middle and end. This may reveal my nosy side but I’m cool with that. LOL! I mentioned in my videos that I wanted to get help with the quilting basics. I’m loving the Crafty Gemini Quilt Club but I feel like it is project …

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Yarnbox | May 2015 | Essence of Me

Yarnbox | Unboxing May 2015

I’m late but better late than never! 😉 This is my unboxing for Yarnbox Classic and Socks… Let’s go! (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.)  Want additional details? Let me know.

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My Crafting Secret Weapons | Essence of Me

My Crafting Secret Weapons

  I am not the best crafter. I mean, I try hard, I’m a fast learner and I can’t help but love yarn and fabric. However, I have a really long way to go to become this creative-uber-crafter I envision in my head. To help me move towards my quest of being Dana the Supercrafter—that seems kind of weird…LOL—I have …

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Yarnbox Unboxing | April 2015

Yarnbox | Unboxing April 2015

I’m doing the “happy dance” because I have a box and tube of goodness to share. Let’s get to unboxing because it’s time for Yarnbox! (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.) I am not going to post the list of details contained in these shipments this time around unless someone comments otherwise. But I will add the …

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3 Reasons to Knit A Sweater | Essence of Me

3 Reasons Every Knitter Should Knit a Sweater

I know… I know…. Some of you are probably thinking, “no way Jose!”  Or…  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” You may even have thoughts of making a sweater but feel like that is beyond your reach because you are a new knitter or you can’t read patterns. Well, to heck with all of that.  I still think it is …

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Life, Expectations and Goals || VLOG # 27

Life, Expectations & Goals || VLOG #27

This video covers A LOT. Sit back and enter into convo with me. I discuss my life, expectation and goals. Also PLEASE take a few minutes and complete this quick survey: // Thank you!!! And enjoy. Life, Expectations and Goals (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.)

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