I have many hobbies but my favorites are reading, running and crocheting. Here’s where you can find more about them on this website.

Crocheting on Essence of Me

I started crocheting when I was about six or seven years old. I have continued and learned a lot along the way.

Crochet Prayer Shawls: I have videos and pictures. (See pictures here.)

Cast Off Thursdays Videos: I am a member of crochet crafters on YouTube and we show our projects on a weekly basis. Check out some of my videos.

Crochet Tutorials: These are my crochet tutorials.

Hair on Essence of MeHair is probably an interesting hobby to list but its actually one of my first hobbies. My mother would braid hair when I was a young girl and I loved to watch. Over the years all things hair…from products, styles, extensions, and even color has interested me. It does not make an appearance often but it’s enough to add the category here.

Health on Essence of Me

Health is another topic that comes and goes as my mode and time allows. I’m always conscious of how I’m treating my body and my level of physical activity. I hope to include the category more often, than not…let’s see how it goes.

Knitting on Essence of Me

I started actively knitting in November of 2012 (…yes I’m a newbie). I found a wonderful pattern book that has the most beautiful shawls. This made me decide to find a DVD and start knitting. LOL! I’m slowly learning and will share my journey.

Knitting Tutorials: These are my knitting tutorials.

Reading on Essence of Me

I love to read! I could spend eternity reading. I plan to share more of my love of book via VLOGs and book reviews.

Running on Essence of Me

I started running to lose weight. But now I love running. I would like to work on my health goals (sculpt my body and run FASTER!).

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