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2016 Goals |

2016 Crafting Goals, 2015 Hits and Misses and WIPs

Okay… Here we go.

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Crafter's VLOG: Yarn, Fabric & My Mutant Bag ||

Crafter’s VLOG: Yarn, Fabric & My Mutant Bag (Get Ready to Laugh!)

Hello. I feel like saying “Good Morning!!!” because it is early as I’m writing this post. I have a warm cup of coffee and the link to my latest VLOG. You may notice the VLOG name change…it will be “Crafter’s VLOG” for the immediate future. I realize as I consolidate my videos for 2016 this will be most appropriate. It …

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Black Friday || Craft Don't Buy ||

Black Friday: Personal Craft Don’t Buy Challenge

Okay don’t throw tomatoes. But I don’t need another crafting this or that (hence the buying freeze starting SOON). Instead today and all this weekend I’m going to craft using what I have. I will post a new Crafting VLOG on YT through Monday. And I will post pics in time pictures of my finished projects on my Facebook Page and …

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Crafting VLOG | My Intent and Direction

Crafting VLOG: My Intent and Direction

I am posting today’s vlog out of order. But recording it was helpful to me. It helped me “see” an order in which I hope to get things situated around here. 😉 For now, go and grab a project and a snack or two. Let’s get caught up and I hope to visit with you afterwards in the comments. My Intent …

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Crafting VLOG: November 2015 |

Crafting VLOG: FOs & WIPs | Craftsy Unlimited? | 2016 Rockstar Challenge

Today I have a VLOG for you. Sit back, grab a beverage and enjoy! Links to Information Mentioned: 31 Days in the Word (on my personal blog) Shattered (An Original Short Story) Falling Charms tutorial. Details about my shawl.

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Big Girl with Fit Girl Goals | Essence of Me

Crafting VLOG: Big Girl Fit Girl Goals

It’s been a while I have a ton of content to share. Let’s start at the beginning…

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Spiritual Life Balance | Crafting VLOG | Essence of Me

Crafting VLOG: Spiritual Life Balance

I’m loving my new crafting room…or what we’ve dubbed “Mom’s Studio”. I feel so official… LOL! Today I have a crafting VLOG for you. I’m answering a viewers question and more. The more includes fabric, information about the Row-by-Row Experience and chatting, of course. 😉 GRAB your project, SIP on your warm beverage…well maybe not warm because it is HOT…but …

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Finding Yourself (Part 1) | Essence of Me

Crafting VLOG: Finding Yourself (Part 1) and Journaling Tips

I’m on the road but thought it would be a great time to help you explore “finding yourself” in this craft vlog. But I must warn you…very little crafting is going on. LOL!!! I want to personally thank Mandy for submitting her comment. You can find Mandy here on YouTube: // The Questions Who were you? What did you lose? …

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