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Finding Yourself (Part 1) | Essence of Me

Crafting VLOG: Finding Yourself (Part 1) and Journaling Tips

I’m on the road but thought it would be a great time to help you explore “finding yourself” in this craft vlog. But I must warn you…very little crafting is going on. LOL!!! I want to personally thank Mandy for submitting her comment. You can find Mandy here on YouTube: // The Questions Who were you? What did you lose? …

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Crafting VLOG - June 2015

Crafting VLOG: Permission to Fail

  I’m trying out a new video style. I guess we can call it that… Let me know what you think. I’m mixing crafting and a little inspiration. But for today I want you to consider what’s holding you back… Permission to Fail (Can’t see the video. Please visit the blog.) Valued blog readers…Please read this message. I am trying …

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Sew New - Blocked Blessing - March 2015

Sew New: CGQC Swap, Annie’s Crafts Classes and Blocked Blessing || Craft VLOG

Here’s a VLOG with a little encouragement at the end. Enjoy! (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.)

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Just Keep Swimming - Fit Friday

Fit Friday: Just Keep Swimming

  Real talk… Your girl is tired! **wiping chlorine saturated water from my brow** Fit Friday will not…and I repeat…WILL NOT turn into a whining segment. Today, just today I’m giving myself permission to say this week was hard. I wanted to stop. I want cheese. My body is aching so bad and I’ve discovered muscles I didn’t know I had. **exhaling …

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YMCA of Greater Houston | Fit Friday | Essence of Me

Fit Friday: Run My Own Race

  I arrived at 5:05am. Too early. You know, that nervous, first day of school, kind of nervous. I had no idea what I should expect from this “swimming class” but I was super nervous. And it didn’t help that the desk clerk added his additional comments to my thoughts. Comments like… … I hope you can really swim… …Man …

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Essence of Me with Dana

5KCBWDAY7: My Wish

  I did it!!!! I blogged everyday all week. I’m so geeked. So much so I’m writing this post at 1 am–as if I don’t have church in a few hours. 😉 This post is meant to look back at last year and forward at next year. Well, I didn’t participate last year so let’s look forward together. Where do …

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My Daughter and I | Essence of Me

5KCBWDAY6: 3 Generations

  I remember seeing her crochet blankets. The funny thing is she didn’t do it often. But she did it enough to leave an impression. The impression was one that made me want to give the same gift to my daughter. And from my mother to me and then my daughter we all now share a love of crochet (and …

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Birthday Wishes | Essence of Me

Birthday Wishes, Unboxing Your Gifts and More

  I’m vlogging for my birthday week. Let’s chat…  Unbox Your Gifts (Can’t see the video? Click HERE for view online.)

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