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Crafter's VLOG: Yarn, Fabric & My Mutant Bag ||

Crafter’s VLOG: Yarn, Fabric & My Mutant Bag (Get Ready to Laugh!)

Hello. I feel like saying “Good Morning!!!” because it is early as I’m writing this post. I have a warm cup of coffee and the link to my latest VLOG. You may notice the VLOG name change…it will be “Crafter’s VLOG” for the immediate future. I realize as I consolidate my videos for 2016 this will be most appropriate. It …

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3 Reasons to Knit A Sweater | Essence of Me

3 Reasons Every Knitter Should Knit a Sweater

I know… I know…. Some of you are probably thinking, “no way Jose!”  Or…  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” You may even have thoughts of making a sweater but feel like that is beyond your reach because you are a new knitter or you can’t read patterns. Well, to heck with all of that.  I still think it is …

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Sweater 101 - Essence of Me

Book Review: Sweater 101 by Cheryl Brunette

  Book Review of Sweater 101   (Can’t see the view? Click HERE to view online.) Links: Cheryl’s website Details about My First Sweater: Vanessa Details about Sweater 101 How to Knit a Sweater Tutorial by Cheryl Brunette   As a note, I requested a review copy of this book. The author provided it. I recorded the video and wrote …

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Worsted Boxy - Essence of Me

Pattern Review: Worsted Boxy

  I finally did it. I made a sweater. Actually not one but two. 😉 Today’s pattern review is for the Worsted Boxy by Joji Locatelli. Enjoy!   Worsted Boxy   (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.) Links: My Project on Raverly Joji’s Website Joji’s Raverly Group

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Yarncrafter's Chat #26 - Essence of Me

Yarncrafter’s Chat #26: Let’s Talk About Knit Sweaters

  Let’s talk sweaters… Enjoy! (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.)   Project Links: Cowboys 2-in-1 Beanie Project Joseph Sweater Project page My First Sweater: Vanessa Check out Connie Caps too. Linda is amazing and offers a wonderful service cancer patients and survivors.

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It's Not Fair - Vanessa - Essence of Me

5KCBWDAY1: It’s Not Fair

I can’t stand living in this plastic bag. Who’s bright idea was in anyway to use a plastic bag as a project bag? I’m shoved in, half done and it’s not fair! I’m sorry…how rude of me. I should introduce myself. Hello, my name is Vanessa. And I’m a soon to be, well I hope soon-to-be, knitted sweater made by, …

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My First Knit Sweater - My Gauge - Essence of Me

My First Knit Sweater: My Gauge

I can’t believe I’m actually planning to knit a sweater. Well, sort of. Let’s begin at the beginning with the swatch. As mentioned in the last post, one the the selling points with Sweater 101, for me, was learning the pattern is customized using my swatch. Thus, the gauge is not based on the pattern or the author’s knitting but …

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My First Knit Sweater - Essence of Me

My First Knit Sweater: Vanessa

I have my eyes and knitting fingers set on making a sweater. I originally thought it would become a reality in 2015. Yes, next year. I thought I’d get some more knitting under my belt. But time and circumstances changed my mind. The first major shift was finding a wonderful sweater tutorial. Second I bought a couple of patterns and …

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